Zipper 2, Me 0

So, a few months ago, I decided I would try to insert a zipper to make a small project bag for small cross stitch projects. Needless to say, I had to insert and remove the zipper from the first choice of fabric because the stitches assisted in shredding the fabric. Zipper 1, Me 0. Today, I thought I would try again by switching the fabric. This worked, but I inserted the zipper wrong. After the utilization of a seam ripper and tears, I gave up for today, but will rise to fight the evil zipper next weekend.......

Thoughts from my friend Palmer:

As we prepare to say goodbye to Summer and bring in Fall in about 2 1/2 weeks., We look at the possibility of Change. Letting something go, as another begins.
Learning and growing or are we avoiding the very changes, which is indeed before us all?
Have I reached my true potential, or have I simply blamed others for my very lack of stepping out to be all that I know I can, and all that God wishes and knows that I can be?
We all have made bad choices in life, and yet have we learned from them?
Have we seen the possibility, which is truly before each of us, Or have we conveniently talked our way out of the very heights and goals, which we can reach in our life.
God placed us all here to not only learn, but to obtain, to not be knocked down, but to raise up and gain strength to fight and to achieve even higher heights than imaginable.
As the season will soon change, does it not help us to know that we are capable to reach beyond today and into hopefully tomorrow, with renewed hope, and heart and spirit, that we can make it through.
Don't cloud your mind with uncertainty or doubt, don't talk yourself out of all that which can truly be in your life.
Today reach your potential, today obtain the dreams,and goals, Today become the you, which you have always wished and wanted to be. Just as the seasons change, so do you and I.
So step out, and knock it out, and know that as long as you believe it, within yourself, it can be obtained, and if you think you can't, look into the Mirror in front of you and tell yourself that you can!
And always know that you and I are capable to achieve anything,just don't stop you or even let others stop you from being all that you can be, and on this Sunday Morning, know and remember that you and I are Never Alone....
Even when the darkness, which surrounds us all from time to time, for it's then that we all come to know that Angels are among us all, and that He is listening and answering your prayers spoken, and those which are in the silence of our hearts, thus again helping us to know that He cares, and He listens and again that We are Never Alone... Have a blessed Labor Day Holiday and Week ahead....

May Need a Staycation Already

Despite some health issues, I made it to the first session of the stays class. I was measured and sized (a size 20 via a commercial pattern, which means I have a LONG way to go to get down to size 8 stays, but oh well). The instructor went over how gauge what alterations would be needed very quickly, but I feel as if I didn't pick it up as good as I should have despite studying ALL my costuming books beforehand. Then, the class traced out the various commercial pattern pieces needed to alter themed steam pressed the canvas provided. I tried to steam press the canvas, but I am unsure that I did it right (I only used enough water to get out the wrinkles. I probably should have used more water. I also have a light brown line where I think there was a pretty good crease in it already. My homework for the next two weeks is to make sure all materials given out at the first of the class steam pressed, which, frankly, terrorizes me. I am scared to damage the material. I just have to suck it up and do it. I did learned A LOT of information, but it caused some confusion, which, I am still trying to figure out. Still, I really want to finish the class for a couple of reasons. I REALLY NEED a pair of 18th Century stays (and Regency stays too). I also REALLY want to increase my skills and confidence as a costumer and reenactor as well. I am just staying as positive as I can. I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN!!!!!!

Look UFPs!!!!!!

So having really taken a sabbatical from costuming and other sewing projects for a long time, many have not been completed and have not been documented. I need to change that as I seem to be non-existent in the costuming circuit. (I do read posts and comment as I can which admittedly the posting is scarce. In addition, I am going to post a new costumed picture, so you guys might actually remember me.) I decided to try to complete my projects and then blogged them either during completion or after they are completed.

Tonight, I worked on sewing trim on a Regency dress that I have worn many times. It needs to be spruced up. (I think I have posted pictures in the past.)

Sunday, I start a class on how to make 18th Century stays. This should be interesting as I am not a very advanced sewer and have never constructed stays (translation: will probably need help from everyone as I have no clue how to do this even after studying the costuming books I have.) I am very excited to take the class though. I am desperate need of new stays and it will stretch my wings a bit.